Tate Modern “Street Art” Graffiti Exhibition

  • Services:
    Graffiti clean up
  • Client:

Tate approached Graffiti Busters requesting some information on our unique anti-graffiti systems. We then attended a management meeting and were appointed for the proposed works based on previous similar projects, references and excellent quality of workmanship.

Demonstrations were carried out before any works commenced. During this period the client opted for a clear permeable sacrificial coating. Shortly after the success of these tests we began applying the protective coating to the lower level brickwork surfaces.

We started with the high level works by making use of low pressure sprayers and high level access equipment. We had two teams consisting of technicians and supervisors assisting from the ground. 1,095 square meters of high level brickwork were treated in three days.

Artists from around the world were asked to apply their street art shortly after protective treatment.

The removal/cleaning process then took place and the art works were removed by making use of specialist hot pressure washing equipment.

The listed building was treated with extreme care to ensure that the original underlying façade remained exactly the same as before treatment.

All six areas of ‘Street-Art’ were removed successfully over a three week period to the client’s complete satisfaction.