Hackney Substation – National Grid, Millfields Road, London, E5 0AL

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    National Grid

On behalf of Dyer & Butler; GB were appointed as their specialist sub-contractor to remove graffiti and protect the perimeter walls of the substation with an anti-graffiti coating; total area 1472m².

GB applied a non-hazardous environmentally friendly chemical known as Tavec 201 to the graffiti before removing using high pressure superheated water and an all-terrain scissor lift, as some locations were high level in Millfields Recreation Ground.

Once cleaned Sikagard®-850 was applied, a permanent anti-graffiti coating. The client requested a system that would support and complement a facility that is responsible for delivering gas and electricity under the control of high voltage transmissions. Sikagard®-850 was chosen as not only does it deliver on the technical requirements of an anti-graffiti coating. The polyorganosiloxane properties of the coating also provides excellent performance against elements such as rain, sun and temperature extremes.

The method for the coating was with an airless sprayer; this allowed for a more even film thickness. WFT gauges were used to measure microns set at design stage. On completion, after three weeks on-site the project was handed over to the client’s complete satisfaction.

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