Government Teenage Campaign using ‘Graffiti Art’

  • Services:
    Protection, Graffiti Removal
  • Client:
    London Borough Councils

Building on the success we experienced with Tate, Graffiti Busters were approached in 2009 to carry out a similar project for a Government campaign aimed at teenage pregnancies.

Several locations around London were protected with our Anti-Graffiti Coating before graffiti artists were employed to apply artistic messages for teenagers by making use of various aerosols and paints.

After the photo shoot and demonstrations, Graffiti Busters were instructed to remove the “graffiti” by only making use of specialist hot pressure washing equipment.

Not only is this system the most environmentally friendly process of removing graffiti attack, but also extremely cost-effective. This system can protect any porous or non porous surfaces such as brickwork, stonework, render, metal cladding and more.

Originally, the idea was turned down by the councils involved as they were concerned that the graffiti artwork would damage the underline substrates and leave ghost residue marks on the surface.

However, once learned that Graffiti Busters would be carrying out the works they all agreed to the campaign and approved the proposal without hesitation.