Chelsea Waterfront, London

  • Services:
    Cleaning & Protection
  • Client:
    Rollecate Facades Ltd c/o Ardmore

Graffiti Busters was delighted to be awarded a contract on a development known as Chelsea Waterfront situated adjacent to the historic Lots Road, Power Station. On this prestigious residential project graffiti busters was instructed to clean and protect +/- 360m² of polished limestone that formed the cladded walls on the lower level apartment blocks. Using #Torik steam cleaning equipment the stonework was carefully primed before being protected with a specialist sealer known as Dry-Treat:

Using Gloria low compression spray equipment graffiti busters applied the impregnating sealer designed to provide premium long term protection against water and oil based stains. Forming a chemical bond with the particles of the stone the sealer is designed to perform permanently whilst still acting as a breathable barrier against graffiti, human, traffic and environmental stains. Effectively, improving the life cycle of the high value apartment blocks and making long term cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Graffiti Busters completed the scheme to the full satisfaction of the client; and by offering a 15 year guarantee demonstrated that we contributed towards the functional standards of the project and complimented the aesthetic design principles entrusted by all key stakeholders.